Holiday Cuts

The holidays are a time to enjoy the laughter of family.  For myself, no matter what holiday event, I have to make certain my spare shears are packed.  It never fails that I am asked to trim or cut a family member's hair.  While this is not what I thought I would be doing during my vacation time, I can't help but think of all the wonderful feelings I have given my grandmother, my cousins, uncles, and other family member by a quick trim. We laugh, talk about everything that happened of the year, and yell at the football game on TV.   I so enjoy the smell of family food, the warm loving family voices, and the excitement the holidays bring.  The holidays have made it a necessity to have an additional set of shears that travel for holiday events.  So for me, finding a company that makes shears at a great price is beneficial to me.  I am thankful to have a career that can be appreciated by my family.  Every haircut given with love, is the gift no one else can give from me.  ~ Christie Crockett ~

Syed Bokhari
Syed Bokhari


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