HOW MUCH did you spend on those shears?

How much have you invested in your career as a groomer, stylist, or barber? You probably had to pay for cosmetology school to receive your license but have you added up the extra costs that you have paid for your career path?

While you may be managing investments in a portfolio in the financial sense, you need to pay attention to how you are investing in your career. The cosmetology and grooming industry is highly competitive and each day, more and more stylists and groomers are graduating from school, ready to take on the world; and maybe even take your job!

To stay one step ahead of the competition, you need to be consistently investing in your skills along with the toolset that you rely on day after day to get your job done. The problem is, when many stylists start shopping for new shears, they hesitate because they think that they’re too expensive.

A good set of shears can go a long way in furthering your career, and once you shift your thinking and see them as an investment, they won’t seem as expensive as the price tag suggests at first glance.

 Let’s Run the Numbers

Average cost of a new set of high-quality shears: $500

Average purchase price of a new smartphone: $500

Average cost of a latte, every day, for a year: $1,825

As you can see, shears may seem like expensive items when thinking of the price tag alone, but your everyday purchases and other devices cost around the same if not more. The only difference is that your shears will eventually pay for themselves as you start to bring in more clients due to your next-level grooming and styling skills.

Let’s take a look at the time it could take for you to break even and repay the cost of your new shears:

Shear price: $500

Average haircut price: $40

Number of haircuts needed to pay for shears: 12.5

How High-Quality Shears Can Benefit You

Just as a carpenter will invest in high-quality chisels, saws and drills, you should be investing in quality tools for your business. High-quality shears in either left-handed or right-handed versions to fit your preference will drastically improve your haircuts, and your clients will definitely notice a difference.

As you begin to perfect your craft and give clients next-level haircuts, they will come back time after time and will recommend your services to their friends and families. Before you know it, you’ll have more clients than you had expected and your high-quality shears will pay for themselves in only a matter of weeks.

You spend money on useless things like lattes every single day, and these provide no return on investment in the long run. Why not invest in something that really matters and will boost your career? Good-quality shears will last for years and you'll end up saving money by purchasing premium shears one time instead of buying poor-quality shears over and over.

While your results may vary, when looking at premium cutting shears as an investment in your skills and your career as a stylist, barber, or pet groomer, the shears will pay for themselves in the long run.


At Icon Shears, we want to offer you tools for endless creativity.  We look forward to helping you select your next tool for the collection you are building.  Just go cut something.


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