** Student Packages**

WE LOVE OUR STUDENTS!!  Cosmetologists/Stylist are the life that keeps us excited be at work each day.  Our job at Icon Shears is to "Inspire Endless Creativity" by offering education and the proper tools to build a lifestyle worth having.

Icon shears offers “Factory Direct Pricing” to current enrolled students.  We visit over 4,000 schools a year, just like yours and spend time educating the students about technical details of the tools in their profession.  Typically, we come to each school only one time per year.  And we are excited to meet with your young professional and talk with him/her about her career goals in the cosmetology industry. 

Take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pics to see how excited students are when we come for a visit. 

We are going to talk about every component of the shear, ergonomics, and how to keep their shear clear and protected. This is valuable information that will be useful to them for the life of their career. 

Student savings are over 40% when they shop through one of our “in person” education seminars at their school.  We offer a variety of multi shear packages that include carrying case and accessories.