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  • I love my icon shears because of many reasons. One of the biggest reasons ever is because my school has a contract with hattori hanzo shears, no other company was allowed to come in and discuss their products beliefs and lines with us,Hattori had the same presentation every time and was pressuring into sales and made very sexual unprofessional remarks that i didnt appreciate, but thats how they sold.. .And were ridiculously over priced. So i began searching and looking online at shears such as washi.It was so hard to really love something from a picture online, I wanted to see the shears, hold them and make sure they fit ME. Well i got in contact with Icon Shears and Spencer was out going to different schools and went out of his way and meet with a group of friends and I. He was not allowed to come to my school so he in fact met with us at a starbucks. Spencer was educated on everything he had which in-turn educated us about everything, he demonstrated swivel shears and all the great ergonomic facts of every amazing shears Icon carries. Above all spencer was not pushy or pressuring us to make a purchase, and why would he need to the product speaks for its self!Spencer cares, the company cares,the shears are affordable, fashionable designs, great payment plans and so much more! For this I will be a icon shear client for life.

    • We learned so much from Steve today, at Tri-City Beauty College. I invested in 3 pairs of amazing shears! I am thrilled. thank you!

      • I love my new set of Shears. I cant wait to get a couple more sets, real soon. Thank you.

        • I'm a student from South Plains College in plainview Texas n I just lived Steve class today I bought 2 new pairs n I love them great deals n great instructor I hope to see a show soon thx sincerely #ahappycosmogirl

          • What do I love about my icon shears? What don't I love about them?!
            I just started beauty school and these are the first pair of expensive shears I've ever purchased, but you can tell a good thing when you see them. I bout a pair of the matte black 3 hole swivel shears. I had never seen anything like them in my life but as soon as I slipped them on I loved them! They cut so smoothly and they are so cute! I love the matte black look and they way they fit my fingers. I loved that there were so many colors and sizes and options to choose from! It was hard not to buy something because they have everything you could ever want.

            Love them and thank you for making such a great product!

          • For the longest time I was always looking for the perfect pair of shears and then I came across icon shears, they are so amazing, they fit my hand so good, they are light weight it feels like there I'd nothing in my hand, I love my icon shears I wouldn't trade them for anything..