Why Icon Shears?

Why Icon Shears?

1. Production Control


Icon Shears is one of the only fully integrated producers of haircutting scissors in the industry. Through this unique approach, Icon Shears exerts meticulous control over every aspect of its business, including research, development, design, production, quality assurance, and service. This is in sharp contrast to its competitors who”outsource” key operations and simply put their label on scissors mass-produced by independent factories. Icon Shears’s one-of-a-kind operation yields scissors of unrivaled quality and durability.

2. Innovation


As the inventor of almost every high-end scissor innovation, Icon Shears is the standard by which all other scissors are measured. Many manufacturers have tried to duplicate the Icon Shears features, but only the originator can reliably produce its world-class scissors and maintain their optimal performance. Icon Shears’s pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence, evident in its scissors, cannot be imitated.

3. Recommendations


Icon Shears never compensates educators or platform artists to use, endorse, or recommend its products. It relies solely upon unsolicited, word-of-mouth referrals from delighted stylists and their clients. Icon Shears treasures the patronage of its loyal users and does not jeopardize their well-founded trust by promoting eye-catching features or utilizing marketing hype.

4. Proven Investment


Because Icon Shears truly understands the critical influence tools have on a stylist’s physical, mental, and financial well-being, it is committed to creating the highest quality scissors at affordable prices in order to meet the needs and budgets of hairdressers everywhere. The unsurpassed performance, longevity, and serviceability of Icon Shears scissors make them an important and wise long-term investment in a stylist’s career.