Icon Shears Student Packages Presale


Parents, We make it easy for you!  Our Pre Sale EVENT Tickets can be purchased in advance of the education event that your student has most likely told you about.  Students have 3 options for PRE SALE items and can preview the shear inventory on our website prior to the event.  But when we come, the students will actually get to touch, feel, and make selections at that time. This is awesome opportunity for your cosmetology driven student.

Standard Kit(2 shears), Deluxe(3 shears) and Premium(4 shears).  Each kit comes with choice of carrying case, oil/ cloth and feather razor($30 value) .  Just choose the package you’d like PRE PURCHASE  by adding it to your cart and print your EVENT TICKET.  Bring your ticket to class the day of the event and students pick the shears they want.  It’s that easy. 

No last minute calls while you’re at the office asking for your credit card information.         



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