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But wait, why IconShears?

The Icon Shears brand is all about you. Its for the hip stylists, artist, barbers that need innovative tools that will inspire endless creativity. Its purpose is to create shears that are all-inclusive to the Cosmetology and & Barbers industries. Icon Shears strives to be ever innovative, continually reshaping ourselves to change with the industry.

We have poured our heart and soul into your next shears so that you can focus on being the creative artist you always dreamt to be.

We really do own our factory. 

Want to know where shears are born? Our primary craftsman facility is located in the heart of the industrial district at 8 KM-Daska Road Addah, Sialkot, Pakistan. Here is where thousands of shears are created and born into existence each year. Our most unique position is owning the source of supply. Why is that unique? We have the ability to purchase and hedge steel, and design the process in its entirety. We pour our hearts, our lifeblood, and our family living into making you the tool that will provide your income for years upon years.

Building a handmade shear is an art that only well trained blacksmith craftsman can accurately accomplish. We search high and low to find and recruit the most talented artisans for shear manufacturing.

With over 100 unique steps in the shear making process, our Sialkot team works tirelessly to hand hone each individual shear to meticulous perfection. Because of this tedious work, it takes around 30 days to make a shear from start to finish. This is why a large number of our shears or sold before they arrive in the USA.
Your shears are like precious gemstones or gold.

Empowering women across the globe.

What to know what the coolest thing about Icon Shears is? We support women workers and managers in Pakistan. In a country where women have often been disadvantaged, we have set new benchmarks in business with socioeconomic opportunities for women. From the single mothers that cut the oil cloth all the way to our factory leader Ms. Makhdooma, we excel in supporting women wherever we are.

Continuous innovation in shears.

From the foundation of our company, YOU have led the way for Icon Shears. The continual input from our fans has helped improve our shears each step of the way. Thank you, by the way. And yes, we are still listening. Each instructor, stylist, barber, and student we meet comes new ideas and innovation that we carry back to our factory to continuously improve upon our shears and develop new innovative shears for our product line. We are committed to working hard for you, so that you can be the creative stylist.