About Us



Icon Shears a quality manufacturer of professional-grade shears for the cosmetology industry.

Our humble start began with a small one-person team that has evolved to encompass a network of representatives reaching cosmetology students and industry professionals across the country and South America. We are still growing and expanding. Our team is excited to offer quality products at factory-direct prices.

Our administrative offices are centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee. Our educational division is dedicated to personally serving cosmetology schools, hosting more than 40 educational classes/workshops/ per week nationwide.

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The primary focus of our educational division is students who are on the ground floor of their new career. We provide quality, professional tools to students that supply their lifetime needs.

Our team of educational directors personally hosts more than 40 complementary educational classes each week to cosmetology students nationwide. We offer on-site learning opportunities at the school that teach students the essential basics about shears, including the following:

  • Materials used in the manufacturing process
  • Components
  • Various designs and related ergonomic benefits
  • Proper selection and sizing
  • Care and maintenance

Students can touch and feel more than 100 various designs in our line, to get a feel for which design meets their personal needs and desires. Our educational directors are available to personally assist students in choosing the right shear for each individual. Additionally, students have an opportunity to purchase shears at factory-direct prices.