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Angela Mathe: Cosmetology is Way More Than Cutting Hair

Angela Mathe: Cosmetology is Way More Than Cutting Hair

I walked away from this interview feeling like I had just attended a motivational seminar with one of the greatest speakers.

Angela Mathe, Director of Bayshire Beauty in Standish, Saginaw and Bay City, Michigan, has passion and drive. And a deep desire to help others unlock their potential.

“Passion is not teachable. We can’t teach those who don’t want to learn, but you can’t change wanting something; you can’t completely bury a dream. We can help unlock a passion that has been locked up. You get a student with locked passion and help them unlock it and they are unstoppable.”

Angela dabbled in hair as a young girl with family and friends. Anyone who trusted her to experiment on their hair. In high school Angela started learning the art of beauty and hasn’t stopped since.

Angela managed salons and was disillusioned with the unprofessionalism of many of the owners, managers and stylists. Coming in late, not giving their 100%, not being prepared, and decided when she got the opportunity, she would change the face of the beauty world.

Juggling marriage, motherhood and working, Angela went back to school to become an Instructor when her husband was deployed and she was pregnant with her second child.

“I have a deep desire to touch students’ lives. The challenge for me is to help others to better themselves.”

Angela manages three salons, and teaches in a small campus in Saginaw. “The students here get an amazing education. They get extra classes. They learn about things that are outside of the required curriculum. They learn about all of the lines. We get people to come in and tell about their products. Like Icon Shears who have an amazing selection of beautiful and top-of-the-line shears. Our students go to trade shows. The class size may be only 6-8 right now, but it’s smaller and easier to control, so the students walk away with more knowledge and motivation; ready to take over the world.”

I sat in awe of this passionate instructor. Her enthusiasm to teach others, to have them be successful and all that they can be, was apparent. She is definitely in her gifting, and willing to help others to make it to the top.

“If I can make them better than I was, I have done my job.  In cosmetology, anybody can work. The jobs are there. Cosmetologists, nail techs and skin experts…well, they are artists. They design and perfect. We teach students to treat clientele who come to the school for haircuts, coloring, skin care or to have their nails done, like they are coming to the best salon. It doesn’t feel like a school to the guests.”

Angela has been an instructor for 8 years, and like a proud mother, brags on her ‘kids’ that have gone on to travel and work all over the world: New York, Los Angeles, Europe.

“Working in this business is about serving. If you are not a good human being, if you cannot see the light, it will be a struggle. It’s not about what you can get, but what you can gain. It is so much more than hair and skin and nails. The students learn about themselves. They are forced to have a ‘second family’ at school. Many of them move from their comfort to unknown territory. They are challenged and have to be honest with themselves on how they can grow. And are they willing.”

I was filled with respect as this mother of four kids, ages 2 to 10, was giving her all to help others become their best selves.

“It’s important that we teach them that it is not about cosmetology. We help to pull them out of themselves. Some can’t. We begin to see things change around the 3-month mark. We welcome change. We embrace change.”

Angela Mathe is a go-getter. For all of the right reasons. To live outside of self and help others. All of the time moving ahead and growing herself.

“That is what life is all about. Helping others. That gets me excited.”

I walked away from talking to Angela examining myself and wanting to be a better person.


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