Ginny Wiser, the woman with boundless energy and love of beauty, goes beyond her comfort zone. A successful woman with her own beauty school, Ginny dishes out words of wisdom on ways to succeed. Read More
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Antonio Tarrell starting cutting hair at 11-years-old. Even then he knew that he could not live th life others wanted for him. A platform artist, Antonio loves teaching others to break out of the box others have wrapped them in. Read and be inspired by a man who never stops dreaming. Read More
Overcomer. From hair stylist to business school owner, Destiny Cox is driven to teach others to pull themselves up. An expert in the hair color arena, this vivacious instructor and entrepreneur exemplifies the art of pulling yourself up and reaching for the stars. And then to keep going. Read about Destiny and her faith that God had big plans for her life. And yours. Read More
"Success does not happen overnight"' says Brian Polky, Student Success advisor at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture outside of Chicago, Illinois. "Many of the students are overwhelmed by the amount of work, and I am there to help them and reassure them of the rewards. Success is one baby step at a time." Read More
Ashley and Jessica, teachers of beauty to high school students, feel the satisfaction of helping build skills and confidence in young up and coming entrepreneurs. They take their roles major seriously as they re-create 'mini-boards' to insure success. Read More
A hair stylist is just that. Right? Wrong. A hairdresser is a cosmetologist, makeup artist, magician, life coach, a mother and more. The art of making others their most beautiful selves takes skills and patience. Read about ways that Kim Combs succeeds with her trainees. Read More

Known in the cosmetology industry for her caring and humble spirit, Julie Peck is more than an instructor. She is her students biggest advocate for success. She considers herself a success when her students see themselves as champions. Read about how the teacher becomes the cheerleader...and how students excel because of it. 

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Germaine Sandoval loves teaching. Loves people. Her goal? To help people become who they were created to be. And more. Read More
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