Angela Mathe, Director of Bayshire Beauty in Standish, Saginaw and Bay City, Michigan, has passion and drive. And a deep desire to help others unlock their potential.

“I have a deep desire to touch students’ lives. The challenge for me is to help others to better themselves.”

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When cosmetology was offered in high school, New York senior, Michelle Morelli jumped at the chance. Knowing that academics did not appeal to her, and that she had an eye for beauty, Michelle finally knew what it felt like to get A's. And get into a profession that was, indeed, her calling. Read More
When Kathy Simms had to choose, a no-brainer choice, between going to school to be a dentist or a hairdresser, she knew that she wanted to make it fun. Today Kathy has her own business and finds her calendar filled up with repeat customers who appreciate her detail and perfectionism. A woman who turns the lemons of life into lemonade, Kathy embraces the curve balls that life has thrown her and is an inspiration for us all. Read More
Karen Raciti was a high school student, not sure of her direction when the school offered new curriculum: dental hygienist, nursing or cosmetology. Forty years later, as Karen stands with shears in hand in her own salon, she knows that decision years ago to check out the Cosmetology program was part of God's plan for her life. Read More
Too many people let their dreams die when life happens. Tammy Gregory married, had her kids, and listened to the stirring in her heart. She envisioned herself standing behind a chair with Icon Shears in hand, making clients feel beautiful. But ultimately dreaming of teaching in the beauty industry. Today Tammy smiles as she lives in a dream come true. Read More
Everyone grows up with a dream. Lee Anne Bounds wanted to be in the beauty industry, but marriage and kids forced her to help out financially. When the factory that she worked at for 13 years closed down, it turned out to be a gift in disguise.   Lee Anne went to beauty school, worked in a salon for 2+ years and then moved in a teaching position. Today she is head instructor and living the dream. Her advice to others, "Never give up. Look for the opportunities, many times wrapped up as challenges." Read More
Ginny Wiser, the woman with boundless energy and love of beauty, goes beyond her comfort zone. A successful woman with her own beauty school, Ginny dishes out words of wisdom on ways to succeed. Read More
Sometimes when you love something so much, your work becomes your hobby. Read about Shanaz Khan Tahir, instructor and esthetician. And how life and work became her hobby. Read More
Antonio Tarrell starting cutting hair at 11-years-old. Even then he knew that he could not live th life others wanted for him. A platform artist, Antonio loves teaching others to break out of the box others have wrapped them in. Read and be inspired by a man who never stops dreaming. Read More
Overcomer. From hair stylist to business school owner, Destiny Cox is driven to teach others to pull themselves up. An expert in the hair color arena, this vivacious instructor and entrepreneur exemplifies the art of pulling yourself up and reaching for the stars. And then to keep going. Read about Destiny and her faith that God had big plans for her life. And yours. Read More