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When A Dream Won't Die

When A Dream Won't Die


Lee Anne Bounds graduated college, got married and had kids. And was living what she considered her ‘happily ever after’ when the factory that she had worked at for 13 years closed its doors.

What appeared to be a challenging time in her life ended up as a gift.

Lee Anne was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas and lived there her whole life. As a young girl she liked playing with hair and makeup. Never having the luxury of going to beauty school, as her growing family took her time and resources, Lee Anne now had time to go to beauty school. Her dream was going to materialize, thanks to a company shutdown.

After graduation Lee Anne worked in a little salon for 2 ½ years, but she knew in her heart that teaching was her love. An instructor at Arkansas Academy of Hair Design, Lee Anne loves the idea of going to work every day and working with a variety of people. “It keeps me young”, she chuckles.

She likes working with every age group. The 25-30 students vary in age, with kids as young as 18-years-old in the classes, and mature 55-year-olds. With everything in between. Presently Lee Anne has a couple in their 40’s embarking on a new career.

Lee Anne finds that everyday challenges with the millennials is getting them to stay focused. There are so many other things they’d rather be doing. On the flip side, studying and technology baffles many of the older students, as it’s been so many years since they’ve been in a classroom setting.

When I asked Lee Anne about the addiction to social media for the young students, and the easy access to it on their phones, she told me that the students can use their phones in the break room only. School and clients come before Facebook and Instagram.

Lee Anne is a proud mother to a son and a daughter, both veterans of the Navy. Thank you for your service to our country!

Both of her children have been involved in the world of beauty at one time or the other. Her son cut everyone’s hair in the navy, the only hairstyle they were allowed. Her daughter was an expert with nails.

“My kids never remember me doing anything different than what I am doing now,” Lee Anne states. “They were in 4thand 6thgrades when I started. Her granddaughter loves the beauty world also, and loves practicing giving pedicures. Seems the fever runs through the family. Her son-in-law cuts his boys hair, and even cuts the designs in them.

Lee Anne Bounds, instructor, mother, lover of life and everything beautiful. She smiles as she walks around the chairs, watching her students perfect their cutting skills. Standing with Icon Shears in hand, every student knows that Lee Anne Bounds is there to help them succeed. She knows firsthand what it is like to have a dream that never dies. And she’s walking alongside each student do they can be proud of a dream fulfilled. 


The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Oprah Winfrey

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