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Color Your World: Driven to Succeed in a World That Says You Can't

Color Your World: Driven to Succeed in a World That Says You Can't

If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels.
Charlize Theron

Color. A big part of the story of the life of Destiny Cox. One may think that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth with a name like Destiny. Truth be told, her parents named her after Michael Jackson’s thirteenth album, also named Destiny. But she was, indeed, destined for big things, to make her mark in the world of beauty.

 Imagine being a 14-year-old girl in Memphis, Tennessee.  After fixing your own beautiful hair, your grandma turns to look at you and exclaims, “Did you do your own hair?” After sheepishly telling her you did, she says, “You’re gonna make a good living doing that some day.” And that someday came sooner than Destiny could have imagined.

In high school Destiny was reading statistics from her Frasier neighborhood, Destiny was appalled to read that the majority of kids were not likely to graduate from high school, or if they did, they would graduate being pregnant. She made up her mind that day that she would prove those numbers wrong.

 What word would Destiny use to describe herself these days? Twenty years after graduating from high school. Without hesitating Destiny blurted out, “Overcomer. I am an overcomer!”


 Destiny started out doing hair and skin care. Determined to be the best in one area, she chose color. An artist in the arena of hair color, Destiny trained and absorbed everything she could. For all types of hair. She did not wat to be boxed in, catering to one ethnicity. And she decided to focus on teaching others the art.

Education is her main focus. A firm believer that the Lord gave resources to learn all we can, Destiny travels all over the world to teach others to stand on their own two feet, to be the best they can be. To be overcomers.

Teaching students between the ages of 16-65 (yes, really!), Destiny Cox International (DCI) teaches and celebrates new beginnings. No one is too old to be the best version of themselves. Training, cultivating your brand, product strategy are a few ways Destiny teaches success. 

A strong young woman of faith, Destiny’s motto is, “You can’t give up. Focus in. Increase your faith. My faith, the way I serve…well, its all connected to success.”

An artist, teacher, consultant, speaker and beauty school owner, Destiny teaches all over the globe (this girl who statistics said would not make a difference in the world).

Her next steps? Teach more people. Travel farther in the world. Help others build businesses.

And what B.A.D. (Big Audacious Dream) do you have that you have not yet accomplished?

“I want to go on a mission trip. I have never done that. Maybe to a third-world country. Help them learn a skill to pull them out of the cycle of poverty.”

Always wanting to learn more, Destiny is a firm believer that 'Although we teach, we are forever students as well'.

 It is time for Destiny to get back to her students, who were eagerly waiting to learn about the Icon Shears in their hands, and how to work their magic with them.


From hairdresser to school owner. Motivational and driven. Personable and smart.

Named after Michael Jackson’s song?

Or maybe, just maybe, she was just destined for greatness all along.








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