There's Nothing Small About 'Mini-Boards'

Students tremble as they pose behind the barber chairs. Each one white-knuckled, holding onto trendy ICON Shears, and mentally traveling back over the roads of learning over the past two years. Cutting, coloring, nails, skin care…so much to remember.

Each novice has walked the last two years of high school, absorbing all they can to become the best hairdresser, nail tech, and aesthetician possible. It’s Thursday morning and the school year is coming to an end. Thirty-nine high school trainees are doing their ‘dress rehearsal’ before they nervously and excitedly take the state boards.

Standing behind them are Ashley Arellano and Jessica McBride, Slaton ISD Cosmetology High School instructors. Having spent many years sharing their knowledge of the beauty world with 16-18-year-olds, Ashley and Jessica confidently prepare them with an entire day of ‘mini boards’. A day to test the students, exactly as the state does for their final boards. From start to finish. Being timed, packing bags, check-in, check-out. No stone left unturned.

With 98% passing rate for the high school graduates, these two motivated women are doing something right.

The biggest challenge they face in the classroom?

“Only having the students 3 hours a day. With so much to learn, it would be great to have them more hours. Our goal is to teach them all they need to know before they walk across the stage at graduation. We do our best.” And that has proved to be enough for most students.

How do they keep the masses motivated?

“Most of the students are here because they ‘want’ to be here. They are their own best cheerleaders.” They have the excitement and stamina that sometimes dwindles as kids get older.

Slaton High School in Slaton, Texas is a forerunner in student success. Teaching, mentoring, modeling success inspires and empowers all students to lead extraordinary lives and embrace the possibilities of the 21stcentury through relevant engaging learning experiences led by inspirational and nurturing educators.

Ashley and Jessica take their roles seriously. As one after another hair, nail and skin artists pass their state boards, these two women get satisfaction is knowing that another success story means happiness for a young person. To many it is hope. For a better future.

At the end of each day Ashley and Jessica plop down for a minute, surrounded by trendy ICON Shears. They look at each other and smile, knowing that tomorrow is another day, another chance to touch a person’s life. And THAT makes all the long hours of preparation worth it!







Sandy Griffin
Sandy Griffin


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